Oxford Group Nigeria is Nigeria’s number one most diversified Real Estate company with over 700 associate

Human Capital development is very key in the company which brought about Gloria Robson on board.

At every encounter with her, there was an ignite of passion and rediscovered purpose among the body of staff and associate…

Oxford Group still cannot get over her impact in the lives of our associates, the changed mannerism, work ethics, the relationship among management and professional courtesy everyone now possess is as a result of her image polishing and branding impact

We cannot thank her enough.

We are super proud to be coached and polished by her.

Miss Aisha Arije
Grand Managing Director
Oxford City Housing, member company of
Oxford Group Nigeria.


Gloria Robson’s brand polishing expertise has changed my paradigm drastically, specifically in my relationship with people.

My Network Marketing profession is that of people. It requires effective interpersonal interaction and harmony.

In mannerism, in etiquette, in successful behavioral patterns, in respecting other people’s ideology and finding a way to work with everybody, which is the fabric of success in my Network marketing profession. Gloria has brought all of these to bear in my team as a whole.

My team, Longrich Healthy Millionaires are grateful for her touch in our business and personal growth.
She’s an anointed Coach. Everyone who wants lasting success should listen to her.


I believe it was Steven Spielber who once said; The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

This is exactly what Gloria Robson did for me. She’s a wonderful life coach and brand polisher who helped in my personal branding improved my working ethics and ensured I developed the right attitude in achieving my desired goal as a company owner and the Director of an NGO.

An encounter with her would definitely give you a positive mind shift.

Miss Dipe Juliet
Real Estate consultant/ Director of WomenFold Realtors.

Gloria Robson is an exceptional professional who understands the value of her skill and the impact it has on the many hundreds of people she has been able to help polish their brands. One thing that thrills me the most about her, is the unparalleled level of self confidence and consistency she exhibits in creating avenues to share her uniqueness with her world; always thinking on her feet and has never dropped the ball on her journey to mentoring and coaching others to be the best brands they could ever be.

MO Oladapo (BSc.  LCAN,  LBS, CMD)

Chief Coach, The MO Oladapo Company |Lead Management Consultant , LOMI Executive Training.