Helping You Polish a Brand that Stands Out

Over the years of coaching and mentoring, I have seen brands and Entrepreneurs struggle to put out their messages.

Are you facing Branding Problems?


Personal & Corporate Branding

It’s one thing to be a Personal Brand and another to Understand how to Position your corperate brand to fit in . If you work with me , you will learn so much on how to put out these two brands conveniently for SUCCESS


Etiquette and Panache Grooming.

Here , I drill you to become a polished brand by  behaving right and putting your right Attitude forward. You could also get trained to train others


Business/ Relationship Building

If you are a business owner who finds it difficult to build a great come back Relationship with your clients, this is where I come handy. Building a strong relationship with your clients keeps them coming back again and again


Image & Personality Development

So much is involved here as I see loads of Personal Brands roaming round town without first taking time to Understand their image and Personalities , not to mention Development. 

How I can help you Polish your Brand

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My one on one Mentoring is basically always interesting as I hold your hands to your dream stage. Signing up for this well Structured Program with me will blow your mind as it will open you up to many lofty ideas to use in your own business..

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My book “Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen” is a book that is Structured to help an ordinary man or woman become an extraordinary, well cultured, well refined Personality fit for the Global Stage.

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Stage Shows
& Talks

As a GLOBAL BRAND POLISHER, I am mostly on stage . Over the years of coaching and mentoring , I have seen brands and Entrepreneurs struggle to put out their messages.

"Your Polished Brand gives you an EDGE"

Gloria Robson

About Me

I am Certified Mentor & Coach. A member of Chartered Institute of Corporate Coaching and Mentoring Nigeria.

She also has obtained her Entrepreneurial Certification from Australian Business School. Gloria is known as Global Brand Polisher, because of her passion for Polishing Brands and Entrepreneurs .

Bestseller Books

In this book , you will learn how to speak, relate ,Comport and treat others well.

Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen is a book that is written to build an ideal Personality out of un-ideal Environment.

Everyone out there needs a FEEDBACK at one point or the other in their lives and the work they engage in daily.

Finally, this book is a reality in your hands. Wow!! That makes you a Super Brand with a super IMAGE!!

Happy Clients

Below are what my happy clients are saying about me

It is not everyday that we are privileged to meet unique people in our journey through life. So, I count myself lucky to know such an enterprising unique and selfless model in Gloria Robson, who relishes so much joy in impacting others. Her personal candour, determination and broad execution of her teachings keeps her steps ahead of her contemporaries and I have no doubt, that this book in your hand, is a blessing to lives.
Kennedy Okezie
(Country Manager A-Z Petroleum Products (SL) Ltd & COO, La Fete Communications)
Gloria Robson is an exceptional Professional who understands the value of her skills and the impact it has on the many hundreds of people she has been able to Polish their Brands. One thing that thrills me the most about her is the unparalleled level of self Confidence and consistency she exhibits in Creating avenues to share her uniqueness with the world; always thinking on her feet and has never dropped the ball on her Journey to mentoring and coaching others to be the best brands they could ever be.
MO Oladapo (Bsc. LCAN, LBS, CMD)
Chief Coach ,The MO Oladapo Company.
At every encounter with Coach Gloria, there was an ignite of passion and rediscovered purpose among the body of my staff and associates. Oxford Group still cannot get over her Impact in the lives of our Associates. The changed Mannerism,work Ethics, the Relationship among management and Professional Courtesy everyone now posses is as a result of her image Polishing and Branding Impact. We cannot thank her enough. We are super proud to be coached and Polished by her.
Aishat Arijie
Grand Managing Director, Oxford City Housing member Company of Oxford Group Nigeria
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